While everyone do their part and stay at home for our loved ones but somehow stranded by unforeseen circumstances. We are glad to inform you that our company now offers onsite recovery & FREE pick up / drop off vehicle recovery service to get your damaged / broken tyre replaced. Only for the circuit breaker period between 7 April – 1 June in the event of emergency / roadside assistance that you needed immediate help because of damaged / flat tyre & flat battery.

Latest Updated : 30.04.2020

For any queries you may like to contact us @ 9624 6263

How it works?

1) You can contact us to inform us the situation you are in for the need of our emergency service ,9624 6262 Alex.
(in the event where damaged / broken tyres need to be replaced urgently, you can simple make a purchase off our ecommerce website that is realtime updated daily.)

2) We will arrange pick up for your vehicle from your location at your scheduled timing and bring it back to our workshop.

(all our drivers are safe and experienced with motor trade insurance)

3) We will drop off your vehicle at the same location after the repair / replacement for the damaged parts are done.

(1 x FREE http://kimhoeco.com/antibacterial-disfectant-fogging-service/ will be done before the return of your vehicle)


Terms & Condition
Surchange  of 30$ will be WAIVED with minimum spending of $150 for battery replacement or urgent replacement of all 04 damaged tyres.