Dunlop Sp Sport Maxx TT copy_spc

New Dunlop Sport Maxx TT 235/35/19 91Y

$320.00 $257.00


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Prices are inclusive of

1)GST and other taxes.

2)Labour cost for installation.. 

3)Digital tyre hi-speed balancing.

4)Air tube valve replacement.

5)Nitrogen insertion


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Product Description

If you're a demanding performance driver, this is your tyre. The innovative design of the SP Sport Maxx TT ensures outstanding handling in all conditions, providing superior driving precision. Perfect for those who want an exceptional driving experience.


  • Apex containing Kevlar fibre

  • Touch technology

  • Racing compound Technology

  • Asymmetric tread design


  • Enhanced steering response when accelerating and braking, together with increased stability when cornering

  • By combining 4 key technological features the result is improved handling and enhanced grip when braking and accelerating - benefits that keep you in touch with the road

  • Excellent grip performance in wet and dry conditions

  • Delivers superior control and comfort for a quiet and secure ride