“In the 1970s, Kim Hoe & Co embarked on a heartfelt journey, nestled within the confines of a corner store at a B.P petrol station.

It was a cherished family endeavor, steeped in tradition, and lovingly handed down through the generations. In those early days,

their patrons were mainly travelers from the petrol station or those they reached out to while refueling.


As the 1980s unfolded, their enterprise flourished, prompting a move to the Kampong Ubi industrial estate, a more structured environment

amidst urbanization. Streets bore names of vegetables, a tribute to the area’s agrarian roots. Ah Seng, the torchbearer of the second generation,

deftly navigated the evolving landscape, clinching substainable deals with Kah Motor Honda and establishing Kim Hoe & Co as a premier dealer of leading tire brands.


Yet, with the advent of the 2010s, a new hurdle emerged. As Singapore progressed, so did Kim Hoe & Co. Their odyssey mirrored the nation’s evolution—a testament tofortitude and adaptability.

The third generation discerned the shift towards online commerce and seized it as an opportunity to redefine their trade.

Despite skepticism from industry stalwarts, they embraced change, ushering Kim Hoe & Co into the digital sphere.


With the ascent of e-commerce, Kim Hoe & Co spearheaded a revolution in the tire industry, democratizing access to esteemed brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop , Bridgestone and Goodyear & more!

By embracing digital platforms, they dismantled traditional barriers, making premium tires accessible to all.

Through their pioneering spirit, they harnessed technology to streamline operations, cut costs, and extend the benefits to consumers.

Kim Hoe & Co’s foray into e-commerce wasn’t just a business strategy—it was a transformative endeavor, making quality tires affordable and inclusive for the entire community.”