Offering a Range of Pirelli Tyres in Singapore

Your car is the sum of its parts, and tyres play a big role when it comes down to it. Choosing the right tyres is essential for vehicles of any kind and can have great impact on the performance, safety and comfort of your car.

Pirelli is approaching 150 years in the industry and has used this experience to develop some of the most advanced products on the market. Comfort, security, longevity and minimal environmental impact are all at the core of the Italian brand, and the standard of their designs is what makes us proud to offer a range of options through our online store.

Buy Pirelli tyres online and save

We are able to offer highly competitive prices on all the products in our range by taking orders direct to the supplier. This approach helps us lower overheads by negating the need for the storage and manpower involved in keeping stock in-house; in turn, we pass the savings onto you. Prices are checked daily and our professional team can fit the tyres for you within 7 days of the first invoice.

Singapore’s experts here to meet all your tyre needs

Getting the right specifications when ordering tyres is extremely important, so it’s vital that you know what measurements your car requires. Check the owner’s manual, door jamb, glove box or fuel cap for technical information, or bring your car down to the Kim Ho & Co workshop and have one of our technicians provide you with professional advice on what to choose.

If you want to ask a question about a product or make an enquiry of any kind, we’re always happy to help. Contact us online or by phone and we’ll give you any information you need about buying Pirelli tyres from our Singapore workshop.

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