how to buy

  1. Select your desired tyre size and choose from the available tyres below then “Filter“.
  2. Select the quantity and “Add to Cart“.
  3. Select “Proceed To Checkout“.
  4. “Checkout” , fill in the information required and choose your mode of payment, place order. You may click on "Click here to enter your code" to insert coupon code if any. For paynow or direct bank transfer payments, you need to scan the QR code or enter company (UEN) number as stated. Keep a screenshot of the payment transaction.
  5. Please upload your Payment Screenshot (if you paid via Paynow or Transfer) to verify your payment
  6. You will receive a copy of invoice sent via email stating "hold-on" , after we have verified the payment  you will receive an updated status for your order to "processing" that is when your order is confirmed. There shall be no further notice and we shall see you on fitment date!

For further queries and assistance , feel free to call

+65 9624 6263